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HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM)

HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM) Center software enables IT and “Business” to leverage a centralized, standardized, and “agile” project and portfolio management tool to manage your portfolios (application, service, product, financial), programs, proposal prioritization, resource capacity planning, project lifecycle and financials, effort tracking, and demand management; supporting your evolving project and portfolio management processes and initiatives. The “agility” is derived from Audein’s expertise tailoring, integrating, optimizing and transforming HP PPM to meet your business requirements. Our team specializes in the implementation of HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM) Center software for top technology firms in the United States. Please refer to our HP PPM Service Offerings page for an overview of the HP PPM services Audein provides. For a deeper dive into applications available with HP PPM, please reference the following: Portfolio Mangement, Program Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, and Demand Management.

Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions about HP PPM is that it can only be used for IT. Although this has been the trend, HP PPM can applied to the “Business” just as much as IT. When you install HP PPM, or a competing product, it’s an empty box (setup will be required) and you need to make strategic decisions about the features to rollout, considering your audience, and introduce functionality as needed. Consequently, what you build will generally be limited by the scope of your first development phase, and grow with your application releases; as will usage and licensing. Adoption is imperative to realize value from your PPM product. Every enterprise project and portfolio management software solution available in the market today (CA Clarity PPM, Planview, Primavera, Microsoft, HP PPM …etc), has its gaps, not to mention that product functionality which works for you today, may not necessarily work for you in the long run. Why? Increase, over time, in your Organization’s CMMI maturity level and therefore improved decision making which promotes the implementation of different methods (other than those supported by your project and portfolio management software) to do perhaps, project planning and prioritization, or program and portfolio management, or project and finanicial management. As a result, any project and portfolio management solution in the market won’t provide a “one size fits all” model and your PPM change requests will eventually begin to prioritize product enhancements, integrations, reporting needs, and other specialized initiatives. Before buying any PPM solution, your should consider usability, platform scalability, product enhancements options, programming standards, data model advantages, feature alignment to your organizational needs, licensing and support costs, and the comprehensiveness and adaptability of the Project and Portfolio Management solution, among other considerations.

HP PPM: Highly Customizable using Open Source Programming Standards

Customizations made to HP PPM can be delivered using the following programming standards: SQL, PL-SQL, XML, JSP, Javascript, UNIX shell scripting (Open Source). Now, this is what you need for CA Clarity PPM: NSQL, XOG, Gell Scripting, others (Proprierty). In a market where demand for PPM specialists greatly exceeds supply, one must consider the cost of proprietary vs open source to customize, above the cost of finding and retaining scarce PPM developers. Audein provides clients with fully support for HP PPM file system enhancements (JSP for front-end customizations and custom modules), database enhancements (data model extensions, functions, triggers, procedures, views etc..), integrations using HP PPM web services, database integrations, ETL feeds, SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite Change, Release and Deployment Management, conversions (loading data from external systems, consolidation multiple demand management processes into one, batch processes), and more.

Competitive Edge with HP PPM Deployment Management Extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite, other Oracle technologies, and Enterprise Applications

With HP rightfully re-branding Mercury ITG (previously Kintana) as “HP PPM”, to clearly emphasize specialization in the enterprise project and portfolio management sofware market space, the HP PPM Deployment management module tends to be overcast and therefore often out-of-scope for new HP PPM buyers; just as clients who bought HP PPM as “Kintana” tend to be more deployment management focused and less reliant on the Project and Portfolio Management product features. HP PPM can be leveraged by IT Operations, just much it can by Enterprise IT. If your Operations teams are looking for a robust, secure and user friendly deployment management solution for your Oracle or enterprise applications, our team of HP PPM deployment management experts can enable your IT Organization by centralizing and standardizing change, release and deployment management over HP PPM. Audein specializes in installations, upgrades and support of HP PPM Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) extensions, setting up and configuring Oracle EBS environment definitions, building and configuring request and deployment workflows, developing supported and custom HP PPM deployment object types for Oracle EBS, as well as familiarity with deployments involving Object Migrator *OM component for AOL deploys, Oracle APPL Top architecture, and BPEL and SOA architectures. For a deeper dive into Audein’s expertise with HP PPM Deployment for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), please refer to our Oracle EBS Service Offerings page.

Audein has deployed IT portfolio, program, project and enterprise application deployment management solutions powered by HP PPM for several industries; financial services, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, insurance, government agencies, IT consulting, and our team has even implemented frameworks over HP PPM to manage client supply chain collaboration, as well as administering mergers and acquisitions and data center migrations. We understand how HP PPM can be configured and customized to help save your Organization time and effort getting your IT “project and portfolio management” and “enterprise application deployment management” solutions on track.

For additional information about how Audein can help your Organization realize value through improved project execution and software deployments for your enterprise applications over HP PPM, call us at 1-713-267-2220, or simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and one of our representatives will contact you promptly.

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  • Strong technical knowledge of HP’s PPM product + excellent work ethic to follow through on commitments ... delivered the enhancements we needed to PPM Portfolio, Project, and Time management modules in a SaaS environment. Thank you Audein.

    Ed Wynn,

    Florida Department of Revenue
    Project Management Office