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Financial Management

Manage your project forecast and actuals, as well as benefits (Revenue, Savings, Other – relative to cost), more efficiently with HP PPM Financial Management. HP PPM 9.1 provides tighter integration between the Project and Financial Management modules, improving project financial management product features. Through enabling Statement of Position (SOP) 98-1, track your Capital and Operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX) separately depending on your organizational needs. In addition, classify cost lines by types and categories and leverage out-of-box HP PPM product integrations between Project, Financial and Time Management to enable Financial Management for work plans.

Depending on your need, HP PPM can facilitate:

  • the rollup of planned labor costs from tasks to summary tasks, or automatically calculate planned labor costs based on scheduled effort and cost rates defined for resources
  • the rollup of actual labor costs from tasks to summary tasks, or automatically calculate actual labor costs based on actual effort and cost rates defined for resources
  • the forecasting of labor costs from staffing profiles (see Resource Management), actual labor costs from work plans and timesheets, and actual non-labor costs from work plans

Statement of Position (SOP) 98-1

Statement of Position (SOP) 98-1 is a United States accounting standard that addresses the capitalizable activities of software developed for internal use. Specifically, SOP 98-1 establishes the conditions that must be met before internal-use software can be capitalized. HP Financial Management capabilities can help optimize project planning and execution for SOP 98-1 compliance in the following ways:

  • Projects and tasks can be designated as Capitalizable, meaning costs (expenses) incurred during these phases can be accounted as capital costs as opposed to operating costs. This distinction is also available for project templates, so that you can create projects with capitalization consistently available.
  • Capital and operating expenses can be viewed at the project, program, or portfolio level, and analyzed accordingly.

Whether your Organization chooses to manage project cost and benefit analysis using HP PPM out-of-box features or through an external application, or define resource rates based on base HP PPM cost rate rules or custom cost models, Audein can help setup, customize and integrate HP PPM Financial Management to meet your business needs.

For additional information about how Audein can implement Financial Management for your Projects over HP PPM, call us at 1-713-267-2220, or simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and one of our representatives will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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  • Strong technical knowledge of HP’s PPM product + excellent work ethic to follow through on commitments ... delivered the enhancements we needed to PPM Portfolio, Project, and Time management modules in a SaaS environment. Thank you Audein.

    Ed Wynn,

    Florida Department of Revenue
    Project Management Office